Title: Feature: A Genological Draft


Vol. 9, 2021, pp. 7-20.

DOI: 10.46687/SILC.2021.v09i01.001


Author: Natalia Kowalska-Elkader

About the author: Natalia Kowalska-Elkader, Ph.D. is a radio researcher at the University of Lodz, Poland. Her research is focused on artistic radio and sound art. She is interested in the experimental form of audio art. She has published essays exploring feature genre and its subgenres. Author of two books about the radio feature Forma i treść. Polski i zagraniczny feature radiowy oraz jego odmiany gatunkowe (Łódź 2019) and about the experimental radio stories Historie eksperymentalne. Szkice o gatunkach radia artystycznego (Łódź 2020). Member of the European Communication Research and Education Association (Radio and Sound Section).




Citation (APA style): Kowalska-Elkader, N. (2021). Feature: A genological draft. Studies in Linguistics, Culture, and FLT, 9(1), 7-20. doi: 10.46687/SILC.2021.v09i01.001.





Abstract: The genre which is the basis of my research and the subject of analysis in this text is the feature, also called artistic radio documentary. The main aim of the article is to show the variety of features and the possible way to define and understand this genre. The first section describes the origins of this type of program and how it can be defined by European, Australian and American researchers. It also provides the genre pattern of feature divided into four aspects. Later in the text I describe subgenres of contemporary feature based on their structure and used sound materials. The second part of the text focuses on representations of these categories in Polish and foreign productions and tries to classify them according to the type of fiction applied or its form. The employed methods include literary analysis and criticism as well as some elements of structural analysis. The research questions I ask myself are related to the way of creating features, their form and its relation to the content.

Key words: feature, radio documentary, radio art, narration, radio genres



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