Title: Book review: Translation and interpreting in the age of Covid-19


Vol. 11(2), 2023, pp. 148-151. 



Author: Antony Hoyte-West

About the author: Antony Hoyte-West is an interdisciplinary researcher focusing on linguistics, literature, and translation studies. He is particularly interested in historical and contemporary language policy, sociological aspects of the translation and interpreting professions, literary translation studies, and institutional translation and interpreting. A qualified translator and conference interpreter from several languages into his native English, he holds a doctorate in linguistics and postgraduate degrees in languages and social sciences from the universities of St Andrews, Oxford, Galway, and Silesia, as well as two diplomas in piano performance. He is the author of fifty-one publications and has presented his research at international conferences in a range of countries.


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Citation (APA): Hoyte-West, А. (2023). Book review: Translation and interpreting in the age of COVID-19. Studies in Linguistics, Culture, and FLT, 11(2), 148-151.



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